02 January 2011

Inside on a Wintry Day

Paperwhites in Winter
We're on our second day without water; it never got above 20 here yesterday so the pipes didn't unfreeze from Friday night's sub-zero blast. Today's forecast calls for a sunny 35, and I can only hope it's enough given that last night went to -5 and tonight will probably still be around zero. If the pipes don't unfreeze by 4 p.m. or so, though, we're dry for another night and most of tomorrow. My attitude is definitely slipping; inconvenience aside, this seems an ill omen for a new year. Logically this is just one day (well, two now) and we all know how life can turn on a dime... so I'll try to stay positive and not judge the whole year ahead by these first days' inconvenience. We're not the only ones dealing with this; most of my friends here have been waiting for their pipes to unfreeze, too, and I know this because we've all been calling around to ask for showers! I guess it's a lesson in patience, persistence, and reaching out to friends. That's a takeaway I can live with, for sure.

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Steve Bodio said...

Froze up too-- stepson jack and i were at the bar celebrating his birthday when Tyler handed me the phone and said "Libby-- your pipes are frozen".

But then Small Town kicked in. By the time we got home Steve Troy was shutting down the water, called by Larry. Next morning Phil M came by, volunteering to fix the broken section (we put a space heater on it). He needed a part-- three calls-- Steve Grayson had it.

He waved off payment-- "Buy me a beer". Tyler came by with friend Dan to check, insulated the pipe, put plastic over the window...

Overall cost? Three beers. It is too damn cold here for an old man in poor health but I think after 31 years I'll stay (;-)