12 January 2011

Shifting Perspective

Getting a Better View: Raven on Yucca; Altered Photograph, May 2010/Jan. 2011, Socorro, New Mexico

I've been playing with this image for a good part of the day, trying to reclaim a so-so photograph (good composition but not-so-good light or crispness) and finally, FINALLY breaking out of my strict adherence to "reality." I love many different kinds of art, including less-than-realistic forms (though I'm not a big fan of abstract forms). But I am not adept at very many of them; in fact, some time ago I joked to a friend that I take photos because I can't paint or draw worth a damn. Photos are "supposed" to be realistic, so when I process my photos I stay very close to the original details and almost never play with brush strokes, textures, and other more artistic manipulations that Photoshop and other programs offer. Today, though, I just wanted to play. When I took this photo last May, this raven was playing, too, hopping from one yucca stalk to another and chattering at another raven (a potential mate? a competitor?). My original photo was not very well focused, so I didn't manage to capture the creature's personality very well -- it really only emerged as I ventured further and further from "reality" in manipulating the image. I hope you like it.


Elisabeth said...

This is awesome! You can almost see the bird smirking :-)

John S. Mead said...

Nice job, I too have had fun exploring the more "artistic" aspects of venturing from reality in post processing. It fun to explore that way! feel free to see some of my efforts in my Misc gallery at http://bluelionphotos.smugmug.com/Other/Miscellaneous-Images/12174630_pgYVe

Thanks for sharing!

Anja said...

First I thought you painted the picture of the raven. After reading your text I could recognize it a little bit that you took a photo and played with it. Yes I like it!

Marilyn said...

Yes, I love what you did with it.