10 July 2010

2010 Magdalena Old Timers Parade, Part 1: The Queens

I absolutely love the Magdalena Old Timers Parade, and I especially love that the Queen is always an older woman from the community. I have lots more pictures to post but have to go see the kids in a play in Socorro, then have dinner with my good friend Christine. Enjoy your weekend, everyone.


Janet said...

Isnt that a precipous parade! And older women how wise they are and stedfast pillars!

Anna said...

Hi Anna,

The old timers reunion festival sounds really cool. This week the annual Stampede has started here in Calgary. It goes on for a week. Cowboys, farmer and First Nations of t˙e area come together to celebrate Western life. Today we saw some beautiful dancing by several First Nation nations.I wish I had my camera. Your blog has inspired me to take out my digital point-and-click and use it more.


Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

I visited Magdalena today and learned about the Old Timers Festival and Queen. Do you have any information on the process/ritual for becoming a "Queen?"

Thanks! Yasmeen