12 July 2010

2010 Magdalena Old Timers Parade, Part 3: Sweethearts of the Rodeo

Rodeo Sweethearts, Magdalena, New Mexico, July 2010

What's a Western small-town parade without the queens, princesses, and sweethearts? Every year these ladies dress in their finest, gussy up their horses with ribbons and glitter (I confess I always wanted to ride a prettily decorated horse when I was a kid, though I was happy to ride at all), and smile and wave sweetly to the crowd.

2009 Socorro County Rodeo Queen (Why can't I find her name in news archives?)

Many of these ladies are also accomplished rodeo contestants, honor students, or otherwise highly engaged in their communities; and the rodeo queen, princess, and sweetheart crowns often come not just with accolades but also scholarships to give them a leg up on their futures.

2009 Miss Alamo Navajo, Latanya Apache of Alamo

Being always and forever obsessed with horses, I must admit I glance briefly at these sparkling, accomplished ladies and then stare long and longingly at their beautiful steeds. Miss Alamo Navajo's paint horse (above) is especially striking in both appearance and bearing, and the heart on the forehead of Little Miss Rodeo's mount is just like the one I painted on my favorite horse model lo these many years ago. I never thought about adorning myself, just the horses... but I'll agree that the pretty costumes and sparkly hats make for a fine show indeed.

2010 Little Miss Rodeo New Mexico, Teghann Rose Gonzales of Socorro

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