22 July 2010

Summer Storms

Near South Baldy summit, northeast view, July 2010

Sap on Ponderosa, Timber Peak Trail, July 2010
Yesterday's hike in the Magdalenas has stayed with me all day today and is even sustaining me after some bad news about my mom tonight. There's a reason "going up to the mountain" so often represents not just a physical quest but a spiritual one; the two often go together, and certainly did for me yesterday. Although my main objective was simply escape, I also wanted a good high-altitude workout for aerobic conditioning (I tend to get light-headed during mountain hikes, in part because I have very low blood pressure) and to practice my landscape photography. The workout was a big win; not once did I get dizzy because I paced myself and stayed very well hydrated. The landscape practice, not so great; I learned a few things (I need to figure out how to compensate for the big difference in light values for sky and land; and I need a single, major focal point) but still prefer close-ups. In any case, I really like some of the shots I got yesterday, so I'll keep at it; this old dog can always learn new tricks...

Magdalena Mountain meadow, south(east?) view, July 2010

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