11 July 2010

2010 Magdalena Old Timers Parade, Part 2: The Kids

Riding on the buckboard, Magdalena Old Timers Parade, July 2010

As I go through my photos from yesterday's parade (I'm still not even halfway through; I got a LOT of shots), my heart leaps when I see images of kids that capture their essential characters and their excitement at riding or walking in the big parade. The parade includes families from town, the area ranches, and the Alamo Navajo Reservation; political candidates, mostly local and a few state-level; and area art, cultural, and other groups. Kids abound both in the parade and on the sidelines, where they scramble to gather up the handsful of candy tossed from the cars or floats. Those in the parade are often dressed up extra-special, and I particularly enjoy seeing the traditional Navajo attire and jewelry, the latter often passed down across many generations. I noticed this year that only the girls and women were dressed as such and then realized this has largely been the case for most if not all of the past seven years I've attended this parade. In past years groups of girls and women also danced traditional Navajo dances during the parade, but I didn't see that last year or this year, and miss it. In any case, the kids really make the parade special, so here are some more shots. Tomorrow, the other stars of the show: the horses.

"Daddy said to throw the candy to the other kids, but what about us??"

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