22 January 2013

22/365: Sunrise, Again

Hotel window sunrise, Baltimore, MD
Sunrise, sunrise
Looks like morning in your eyes...
(Norah Jones)

The travel marathon continues; I'm now on the last, longest leg - for this month, at least. It's all been great so far, and staying at a real hotel always makes me feel rejuvenated... could have something to do with not having to worry about pesky things like dirty dishes and Riley's chewing sprees and keeping the pipes from freezing when the temperature falls below 10F. (Of course, New Mexico has warmed up, and the bitter cold followed me east...). Here, I wake up, get ready, go, come back, work out (yay for hotel fitness centers!), soak in the hot tub, and plant myself on the sofa or bed to... let's see... oh, catch up on processing my 365 project photos! And go to bed early to read and drift away... Next time I have to travel (next month, in fact) and start getting nervous, I'll remember this...

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