19 January 2013

19/365: Towards Daylight

Sunrise, Hwy 60 west of Socorro, NM
I've seen more sunrises in the past 4 months than I probably did in the previous 4 years, and they are indeed worth the early rising. This morning I awoke extra-early to get to Albuquerque in time for a weekend of play therapy training; I could have stayed up there overnight but wanted to be with the kids as long as possible before hitting the road. Even without the beautiful sunrise, that would have been worth the early rising. Of course, as the sun rose I had to play this song by my new favorite bluesman:

Driving towards the daylight
Running from the midnight
Trying to find my way home...
(Joe Bonamassa)

Sometimes, to find the way "home" we must first head out into the wilderness, imagined or real...

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