18 January 2013

18/365: Outside

Testing the ice, near Magdalena, NM
My travel schedule is harder on the kids than it is on me, so I took Friday off to spend the whole day with them before taking off for two more trainings, one over the weekend and one next week. With the weather finally warming up, a walk on the property got us all out of the house and into the fresh air again. Laz went straight for the pond to see if the ice was still there (it was), and Lucy seemed to watch him carefully and actually nudged him a few times when he got close to the pond's edge. Best. Dog. Ever. As you can see in the upper right side of the image, Riley wanted to play, too...

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Robert Egby said...

Magdalena -- an interesting part of the world. We enjoyed your small town, hiked to the Kelly Mine and wrote about it on my blog. Like your photography.