13 March 2012

Touching Base

Dad and Riley at the ranch, Magdalena, NM, March 2012
So, um, I'm not quite sure what happened but I can definitely say I lost both my photo mojo and my writing mojo, and... well, in the spirit of being kind to myself I will simply accept that I had to let blogging go for a bit. Internship and coursework have drained me and, as this current quarter progressed and I took on more clients and a group, my creative energy ran dry. I know this isn't permanent; while I will be working more hours (for money, yay!) in a few months, I won't have coursework anymore...

Yesterday, warm sunshine (after a snowy 3 days last week!) did recharge my batteries enough to get out and about, take a few pictures, and even play with Photoshop and my Topaz filters. I've had no energy or inspiration for post-processing lately, hence the lack of posted photos. Can't say I'm "back" but with the current quarter ending this week I do hope to get more photo time during my break.


Skye said...

Good to see you post again :) Money is good, enjoy the money coming in ;) The relief from stress it provides will allow you to relax enough for the creativity to return :)

Nadege, said...

I know how you feel. Sometimes the days are not long enough to fit everything in...and photography has to take a step back.