19 March 2012

Doggie BFFs

Blue and Riley, Magdalena, NM, March 2012
The kids' dachshund Blue (who lives at their dad's house) comes over to play sometimes, and she and Riley are inseparable when she's around. Last week we took her with us to the property and she fell in with the pack, even swimming with the kids in the little pond out there. The horses did not know what to make of her till she started yipping; then Precita lowered her head near Blue's face and snorted loudly as if to say, "Really, Blue? Is that the best you've got?"

It's snowing here right now -- I guess that's appropriate for the last day of winter.... The forecast called for up to half a foot but then the storm started pulling north so we'll probably just get an inch or two. Later in the week we'll be back to warm sunshine and will surely be back at the "swimming hole" by the weekend.


Nadege, said...

What fantastic captures of these two friends.

Skye said...

hehe what a cute pair! Great photos! Riley has grown into such a handsome fellow :)