20 March 2012


Still life with tangerines and late-winter sunlight, January 2011 (re-edited March 2012), Magdalena, NM
Memorial, July 2010 (re-edited March 2012), Philadelphia, PA
Four days into my vacation I'm feeling more energetic and creative. A few days of wintry weather have kept me indoors, where in addition to spring cleaning I'm revisiting some photos and trying new processing techniques, in this case vintage-like renditions combining effects from Topaz Labs' B&W Effects and Detail 2 plug-ins.  I like this new version of my tangerine still life better than last-year's original; now that I have B&W Effects I find it much easier to desaturate images and then selectively re-tint, and I especially like the vignette and grain effects. Here's another image, from my mom's memorial service in July 2010. The theme lends itself especially well to the vintage rendering... I got a bit emotional while working on this image, which I suppose will always happen. I think Mom would have liked this.

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