11 November 2011

Ramblings with Riley

I haven't had much time for photo processing lately, but I try to at least look through my recent photos every few days to see what stands out and play a bit. I love this evening shot (above) of Riley because it really highlights his huge feet, and as he begins filling out (showing his Mastiff side a bit more every day) he is becoming a very handsome dog. He's not easy to catch standing still; the shot at right is much more typical of him, especially when we're out on the property. That morning he thought it would be fun to dash into the pond, roll around and get good and muddy, then run full-tilt towards me -- there's a wake-up call for you. He is a handful but is also a big sweetie, and I'm very glad Dad rescued him for us.


Nadege, said...

The second shot made me smile, what a great expression. Riley looks so full of life.

Kristi Bowman said...

Oh he is a handsome boy!! Both shots are great, those paws are awesome!! I do love the action shot, lips flying in the wind!!!

Silke said...

Oh, he is a gorgeous dog! I love his coloring and he looks like he thoroughly enjoys his life with you!! :) Silke