07 November 2011


Cosmos, Nov. 2011, Magdalena, NM
This amazingly hardy and beautiful cosmos greeted me this morning, having weathered several hard frosts over the past few nights, and it seemed a perfect symbol for this particular day that I call my re-birthday. Three years ago today I finally let go of a "coping mechanism" that I sensed was doing me far more harm than good. As my mental fog lifted I began to see and hear and feel so much more clearly -- and so much better -- than I imagined possible. Things I struggled with began to make sense, or to simply fall away as unimportant. I began to learn how to deal with events and situations and learn from them, and move on, and I began to feel strong enough to face rather than duck discomfort and uncertainty. I turned inward and found my core; now I turn outward to really live this life I've been given and to be there for others as others have been there for me. "Cosmos" refers to entities ranging from this cheerful flower to the whole universe, but the term (from the Greek kosmos, "order") also connotes harmony, which manifests in every living thing that emerges miraculously from the darkness and chaos of not-living.


Nadege, said...

A lovely composition. Gorgeous yellow centre.

How lovely for you to have found this inner strength and now can really enjoy your life.

Marian Hertzog said...

Beautiful photo and beautiful post. Awesome that you have been able to bloom like this cosmos!

BeadsByEarthTones said...

i am seeking what you have described and feel like i just might be able to take that step into clarity...whatever your situation, i'm glad you found it and i'm glad i just happen to stop by to read this today.
cheers my friend!