28 November 2011

"Limited Edition" -- Yeah, that's it.

Riley the cock-eared, knock-kneed, bigfoot mystery mutt, June 2011
Still a cock-eared bigfoot goofball, and we love him for it
I saw a great sign today: "You're not weird; you're a limited edition."

I will totally be using that line with my clients this week, especially the teenagers.

Not that being "weird" is a terrible thing, right? Kids call each other weird as a put-down (adults do, too, but usually behind each other's backs because, you know, we're so much more civilized than mere children), and everyone is afraid of being "weird." Yet the most memorable, approachable, endearing people (and animals) I've known have all been "weird" as in different, unusual, quirky, eccentric.... Maybe it's something a person can better appreciate in others as well as self with age and wisdom. I find it fascinating that "weird" is also a noun that derives from an old Scottish word meaning destiny or fate -- it seems fitting, given that some people, at least, move away from "normal" as they age and free themselves to explore and express their unique selves.


Lois Moon said...

He is precious! I love the puppy pic where his skin looks just a tad too large for his body. But what a handsome guy he grew into being!

Nadege, said...

What a gorgeous looking dog.

Yeah that's were I'm at, exploring my unique self and feeling, at time, a bit like a "weird" alien.

Kristi Bowman said...

That puppy picture just makes me crazy, he is so cute and growing in to a very handsome boy. He looks so sweet!

Heidi said...

Riley is totally precious. I love his big goofy grin. As for "weird" - it's a compliment in my book!

Regina said...

Love Boxers, got 3 in my family.

BeadsByEarthTones said...

oh my, he's grown into a magnificent looking boy. from someone who owns and adores pit bulls...i believe he has a little in him :)