04 August 2010


Washington Square Monument, Philadelphia, July 2010

Philadelphia is full of monuments paying tribute to the many citizens who have shaped the city's and the nation's destiny. Here are just a few I photographed last week; I'm putting them up both to share and (to be perfectly honest) because I'm tired of seeing my tired face in the picture I put up of me and my family last Sunday.... So here are some more polished faces: George Washington (above), and Robert Morris (below), one of Washington's main benefactors who raised significant sums of money to help finance the Revolutionary War. Amazing history, and beautifully rendered in these and the many other monuments around the city.

Statue of Robert Morris, financier of the American Revolution, Philadelphia

My dad and I are doing okay but are really wanting to get back to New Mexico, so we're flying out next Tuesday and will leave the house for another time. Anyone who has ever had to go through and clean out a house after a loved one's passing knows how overwhelming it can be....

Pigeon on the Washington Square monument, Philadelphia, July 2010

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