27 August 2010

Home Is Where the Dog Is

Lucy in the Gila Wilderness near Willow Creek, August 2010
The only thing keeping me from diving back into the Gila Wilderness is the threat of rain this weekend; I'm okay with camping, but in the rain... no. Thanks to Dad I now have a much shorter, more scenic route into the area via forest and county roads, making it more likely that I'll go back soon. The aspens will start changing in the next month or two, and now that I know where they are I can spend time photographing them rather than searching them out. Of course, the aspens up north, around the Jemez Mountains for example, will be turning sooner than those further south in the Gila and elsewhere, so perhaps a "practice shoot" up thataways might be in order. In the meantime, though, I'll enjoy views like the one below, taken near the Silver Creek Divide in the Mogollons. Even at 9000+ feet the flowers are still in full bloom and will be for another few weeks at least. I hope I get to see them again soon, and I'm sure Lucy hopes so, too.

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