29 April 2010

Play Time!

Need a creative boost? Come play! Click on the image above to join the fun; you'll be paired with a partner and swap beads and components to make something you might not have considered making on your own. Now that I've signed up I'm going to sit down at my newly spacious workbench to pick some fun things to send off and inspire someone. I can't wait to see how this turns out and look forward to stretching my creative wings again!

I know I need to post more often, but I had to take some time to clean AND de-clutter the house to prepare for my parents' visit. The de-cluttering went beautifully; for the first time in my life I was able to let go of a LOT of stuff, and the physical letting go has spurred a mental/emotional letting go of stuff I don't need to carry around in my head and heart anymore, either. What I have left is stuff that is truly meaningful or useful: family pictures and heirlooms, batik fabrics, mosaic and jewelry supplies, and most importantly SPACE to create again. I'm just about finished with coursework for the week and, since high winds will keep me indoors away from the garden, I can do jewelry today... or maybe some sewing, something I haven't had time or SPACE to do in a long time. While de-cluttering I came across a huge collection of unfinished projects, from quilt tops to baby clothes, and will focus on clearing those out before I start anything new. That's my new mantra: use what I've got, and finish what I start. I always start new projects with a burst of creative energy; now I'm going to apply that energy to finishing what I'm sure will be beautiful pieces once they're DONE.

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