17 April 2010

Fabric Destash

I have been sorting through my stuff lately and have decided to lighten my load a bit. I have an amazing (or ridiculous, depending on your perspective) fabric collection and realized not too long ago that not only would I never find time to use it all, but I don't actually enjoy sewing nearly enough to even want to try. So I'm keeping some cotton batiks for a few quilts I'd like to make down the road but otherwise will work my way through a rather large stack of unfinished projects dating back three, four, even seven years, and will let the rest of my fabric go.

This cool cat batik is already gone, but I have many more cotton batiks, prints, and flannels at my new Etsy shop. Prices are about half the original retail; these fabrics are in new condition but I really need to unload them (and a whole lot of other stuff) before someone nominates me for Hoarders....

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