16 February 2010

One World, One Heart 2010: Thanks for a great ride, everyone!!

First order of business: I have picked (with a random number generator) and emailed the two winners for the One World One Heart 2010:

Deborah, of Comfort Joy Designs; and Kim, of Queen of Arts!

Congratulations to the winners -- I so wish I could send a pair to everyone who commented! Thank you all for visiting my blog and for your kind words; it is wonderful to "meet" you all, and I'm really enjoying reading your blogs, too! I was away at a seminar last week and didn't have time to visit your blogs then, but I'll pick up where I left off so I can see more of the awesome things you all do. I am just so amazed at all the creativity out there and love seeing everyone's creations, so keep at it and inspire us!

Now that I'm home I want to get back to mosaics, and I feel the jewelry mojo stirring, too... but I'm way behind in my coursework and the studio is an unholy mess. And so what did I do first thing this morning? Started making letter tiles, of course! These are for the flying heart part of what was formerly "Black" -- the upper half, which is now its own mosaic. I figure I can afford a little creative time because a heavy obligation requiring a trip to ABQ for the day was cancelled... sounds reasonable, right? I can clean up and do coursework and laundry while these bake, then while the paint dries, then while the adhesive attaching them to the mosaic dries, then while the grout for the whole piece dries. I figure I have a lot of creative time to catch up on, and my seminar (the second clinical skills residency for my marital/family therapy program) was so intense that this is the perfect way to both unwind and begin to mentally integrate everything I learned.

Yeah, that's the ticket... ;-) Happy creating, everyone!


Jasmine said...

Disappointed that i didn't win your lovely gifts, but very pleased that i found your lovely blog on this carpet ride. I will be back to visit again xJ

xashee's corner said...

big CONGRATS to both you lucky winners! this giveaway has been such a blast! thank you for sharing the fun! :)

stregata said...

Thanks for stopping by at my blog! Love your mosaics!