14 July 2007

Speak Your Wisdom: Beads for Prayer or Meditation

Here are a few of my favorite things, made up into "prayer beads" that you can hold in your hand as you meditate, pray, send vibes, or just calm yourself for a few moments. Turquoise and charoite, an exquisite chatoyant (cat's-eye effect) purple gemstone found only in Siberia, make a beautiful combination of both color and meaning: Turquoise is thought to enhance creativity and communication, and charoite brings insight into and resolution of fear and imparts courage and wisdom. I combined high-quality specimens of both these stones with Balinese silver on dyed silk cord and sterling silver chain, and I finished the piece with a silver-plated hand milagro that represents both the physical and spiritual labors that complete our lives.

I'm thinking of turning this into a bracelet, either by simply adding chain or by extending a simple turquoise beaded band from the ends of the silve to leave both the hand and the charms on the other end as loose charms. What do you think?


Sweet Spice said...

such a great idea!!! my MIL always carries prayer beads with her, but your are so much prettier!!

Anna said...

*blush* Thanks!