24 July 2007

"Oh, my 3-year-old could do that!"

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, eh? I adore this necklace that my girl made yesterday -- she asked me for some of my "special string" (beading wire), so I pulled out a piece, finished one end to hold the beads, and handed it over. Here's what she handed back, and dang this mama is proud! All I did was add the pearls at the ends (she couldn't maneuver them onto the wire; the holes are tiny) and finish it off with a magnetic clasp so she can put it on and take it off any time she wants to.

This morning when we got to the store, she insisted I put it in the jewelry showcase. "I made this to sell, mama!" But I don't think *I* can part with my girl's first jewelry creation...

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