09 July 2007

Soothing Lavender

My lavender is in full bloom! This heat-loving plant just loves our rocky, alkaline, barely hospitable soil, and it starts blooming just as the summer heat is approaching unbearably hot. These Swarovski crystal briolettes capture lavender's beautiful color perfectly, and the earrings go with just about anything, casual or dressy. I'll be getting more of these briolettes soon in various colors, so if you'd like this style in a different color, just let me know!

In other news, I'm going to Albuquerque tomorrow, and that always means shopping! I'll be stocking up on turquoise -- I always need more, and customers seem to prefer less-than-perfect specimens (more matrix, rougher texture) because they look more "real." Given how much fake turquoise has flooded the market, I can't blame them, so I'm being a lot more careful about what I buy and from whom. This article offers some excellent information about this amazing, highly variable stone, and I'll be posting some new turquoise pieces soon.

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