28 June 2012

Garden Dreams

Bird trellis in backyard flower garden, Magdalena, NM, June 2012
Memorial in the Mothers Day garden
When I wake up in the garden
Peaceful slumber wakes my eyes
The sun and moon are always present
There are no more crying people around.
Love fills all up inside me
Filling my heart with wishful dreams
No more sorrow fills my canvas
Along this lonely sea.
Ships fall off of the horizon
Bringing love, peace, and joy
No fire can ever harm us now
Only music fills the air...
-Susan Tedeschi

How wonderful to be able to walk a few steps and be closer to heaven. Five summers of determined, therapeutic work have transformed a diminutive herb garden in front and a few pockets of wildflowers and the struggling veggie garden in back into "The Gardens." They are full of beauty and good bugs and birds, they are peaceful, and they calm and restore my soul every time I look upon them.
Old stone frog in the front perennial garden, Magdalena, NM, June 2012

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Nadege, said...

Looks like a wonderful peaceful and garden.