05 June 2012

Dragonfly Medicine

Waterfront diner: Blue dragonfly consuming a moth, Magdalena, NM, June 2012
I almost didn't take my camera out when I went with Dad and the dogs for a walk on the property... Silly me. The well-fed pond is gradually filling in, and today I was thrilled to see dragonflies flitting along the water's surface. Amazing. I was so glad to have my 75-300mm zoom lens with me; no tripod, which would have helped me get clearer shots, but these still make me happy.

Dragonfly dance, Magdalena, NM, June 2012
Dad and Doc rigged up a pipe from the well to start filling in an old dirt tank last winter, mainly for the horses but also for area wildlife and, of course, for the dogs to wallow in. The pond has indeed brought in more wildlife, especially birds (and, consequently, hawks). Doc added some minnows a few weeks ago to help keep the algae under control, but the rest of the critters have come in all on their own. A bit more plant life along the edges and we should be seeing much more wildlife soon -- frogs, perhaps? I sure hope so...

...and the circle of life continues...


Jenni said...

They are great shots.. I love their gorgeous blue color and the wings.. I look forward to more wildlife photos now you have a pond .

lisa. said...

These are fantastic!
Glad you had your camera with you.