13 November 2010

The Quiet Season

Icicles near Kelly Mine, NM, Nov. 2010
Well, it's not winter yet; in fact, even after numerous very cold nights my flowers haven't quite kicked off yet. And we get some wonderful days in the 50s, which is definitely warm enough to hike without a jacket, even up the mountain a bit. Today my dad, his friend Marilyn, and I hiked up to and then beyond Kelly Mine, and on the way down we came across this weird and amazing sight, created by a perpetually leaky water line that sprays into the air and collects on a nearby tree to create these icicles. Since the line will probably freeze solid in another month or so, I'm glad to have gotten this picture while I could. Lucy, of course, was thrilled for the water and even chomped on a few icicles. We're slated for more good weather, and I'm just itching for a good long hike, so I might try to take the Copper Canyon Trail all the way up to North Baldy. First, though, I need new hiking boots. I bought a pair last year but they kill my toes and the balls of my feet -- they're women's boots, which I usually know better than to buy, but they're such a pretty blue leather... Nope, gotta get the wider men's boots, even if they're not nearly so aesthetically pleasing, so I can actually hike in them.


Janet said...

Aww what a beautiful picture! I miss VA where Im from the cold weather and snow!

stregata said...

These icicles are amazing - particularly because the scene is not all snow and ice.
Love the image of the cranes on the post below - very dramatic.