16 November 2010

Morning Sun

Max, Nov. 2010

Over the summer the kitties got used to going outside to hunt, play, and loll in the grass every morning, and we all miss the entertainment. They do get plenty of sunshine indoors thanks to large sliding doors and a picture window. Max seems to enjoy it; Rocky does, too, but still can't believe how cold the air is outside. When we let him out, he seems startled, then looks up and sometimes meows plaintively as if to tell us, "Make it WARM!" They still get outdoors time during our frequent warmish (50 or so) afternoons, but spring won't come a moment too soon for any of us.

Rocky, Nov. 2010

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stregata said...

Your cats are very beautiful. Mine have been sick for the last few weeks, but I hope they are on the mend now.