23 October 2010


Cat on a Hot Stone Chimney, Magdalena, NM, Oct. 2010
As the weather changes, my cats get more "affectionate," which is our interpretation of their behavior as they move closer to us for the warmth we provide. My spoiled kitties just have to set aside their pride to crawl into our laps or dive under the blankets; some cats, such as my neighbor's kitty pictured above, don't always have the luxury of being inside and so must be more creative in finding heat. This bold little creature is often seen scaling fences and rooftops, so I'm not surprised to see her up there, just highly amused. My cats, staring and hissing from the warmer side of our glass doors, are less than amused... or maybe they're just taunting her.

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stregata said...

My cats have decided that they are "house cats" at heart, as they always do this time of year. I find the sight of them curled up in their respective spots so very cozy.
Fantastic photo of the cat by the chimney - love it!