30 October 2009

Love This

Hearts and garnets seem a natural combination, and I especially love these faceted garnets because the faceting shows off their fiery color. This nicely textured Hill Tribes pendant of sterling-plus silver (97% silver) is from Thailand, as are the smaller hammered heart beads further up, and I added in some cultured pearls, Swarovski crystal bicones, and sterling silver. As usual I kind of want to keep this, but I can always make another one... I've made a total of seven new necklaces in the past week and will post pics as time permits. This one is the only autumn/winter one in the bunch; the rest are all airy peridot and apatite and tourmaline with flower pendants... maybe this week's SNOW tripped off an early bout of spring fever. Well, it's springtime down under, in the southern hemisphere....

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