23 April 2016


Cacti, cholla skeleton, Senecio 'Spearhead,' and Crassula pellucida
 I hear that succulents are all the rage these days, and I think I get why now. Succulents can be tiny or huge; this gallery shows the incredible range of wild as well as cultivated species, and this guide identifies many used for household plantings. They're diverse, sometimes funky, and highly versatile. And they fit in diverse, sometimes funky containers, including a few I've had around for a while not knowing what to do with them. 

Below left is a little Navajo sandpainting pot my son gave me a few years ago, made by a local artist. It's pretty on its own, but with the Crassula pellucida and Senecio 'Spearhead' plantings it really stands out. Below right is a small clay folded pot I found at a central California coastal gift show 20 years ago; I've used it for dried flowers but the little Kalanchoe sprigs (taken from one of my big plants) fit in perfectly and bring it to life.
Kalanchoe, Sempervivum (I think), and Echeveria 'Haagai' in a discount store candle holder.


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