03 November 2012


Last of the hollyhocks, Magdalena, NM, Oct. 2012
Two months without a post... the new job is awesome, but the schedule leaves little leisure time and I'm still working out that professional/personal balance so I can have more energy for stuff I love - photography, music, hiking... The gardening season is over, though, which is always sad (Maggie and I miss our daily grazing for cherry and yellow pear tomatoes) even if it does lighten my "workload" at home. This year, thanks to the new job, I might be able to buy a small, simple greenhouse to grow greens, herbs, and a few other goodies all winter.

Despite several hard freezes this past week (two weeks later than usual! which meant more tomatoes!) a few flowers have survived, including this single hollyhock in the back yard. I also still have some sprigs of pineapple sage left; its stunning red flowers burst out in late September, and its location on my south wall seems to help them weather at least a few frosts before succumbing. My morning glories are gone, though, which to me signals the end of my gardening season... for now. I'll post pics of those soon; I am almost two months behind in my Photoshopping and surely have a few gems in the backlog.

Hollyhock stamens - a bit like a bazillion-armed octopus


Skye said...

Yay! she once again finds a bit of time to share :)

Finding the right balance is tough, but I'm sure you will :) And having enough to buy that little greenhouse sounds like it'll help provide some of that balance ;) Best of luck to you!

Anesha said...

Stunning shots.

Millie @ ammjewelry said...

These are beautiful! I'm stunned by the detail, impressive...