05 August 2012

Rain on Me

Light sunset rain on pond, near Magdalena, NM, August 2012
A month ago our "monsoons" seemed to be in full swing, and then -- nothing. This is not good, and as usual we're worried about the land, the animals, the big picture... Yesterday the skies opened up for a while during a party I hosted for a dear friend's 40th birthday -- seems like a good omen for her! Today we just got a few sprinkles before sunset and probably will just have heat and sunshine for the week. This is not typical for this time of year for us so, as always, we pray for rain.


Marilyn said...

Let's hear it for rain!! These are marvelous photos.....the way you captured the raindrops puddling into circles.

Nadege, said...

I love the abstract look of these shots...great lighting.