07 August 2011

Summer Skies

Nighthawk at sunset, Magdalena, NM, August 2011
Reason #843 I love photography: I can't paint. Tonight's sunset was beautiful even if not splashy and neon, but just after the sun fell below the horizon it splashed color across the clouds that stopped me in my tracks. The texture and colors of the clouds made me think of the ocean, perhaps because my grandfather created similarly colorful, detailed skies in his oil paintings of 18th-century clipper ships. He grew up near the ocean and spent many vacations in "Down East" Maine, where his family came from, but I think if he'd ever come out west he would have found the skies here just as enchanting.

Sweeping sunset


Aquariart said...

Gorgeous Sunset!! You captured a moment of miraculous art by Mother Nature.

Dyche Designs said...

Nature's art so beautifully captured. Great shots.