24 May 2011

Tired Tuesday

Riley takes a nap, May 2011
No time for blogging lately, between the puppy (whose name is now Riley, for reals) and gardening and finishing my internship paperwork, which I got in a week early and just got approved for a July start. Other things I have not had time for: photography, jewelry making, and hiking. Not good. But with the garden mostly planted and my internship totally nailed down, I can start getting back to some balance.

Riley has grown quickly since we took him in 3 weeks ago; now about 9 weeks old, he has at least doubled in size, starting out smaller than our small cat Max and now (much to both cats' chagrin) bigger and heavier than our heavyweight cat Rocky. He is crate-trained, sleeping in there all night and going in frequently during the day for naps, and I've mostly trained him to stay out of my garden beds. Despite my best efforts (obviously not good enough) he isn't housebroken yet, and he still chases the cats and chews on shoes, so we have a ways to go. Good thing he's cute and seems to have a great doggie personality; he sure is a handful, though nothing like Lucy was at his age. Lucy is quite protective of the little guy and loves playing with him, though she does get a bit worn out and snappish by evening -- funny how little ones can do that to us old folks. ...So that's it for now; coursework beckons...

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lisa said...

Riley is just precious Anna!