07 March 2011

Mosaic Monday: Vanishing Point

This week's Mosaic Monday is inspired by a poem I just read that seems to have awakened my winter-dormant brain and brought forth an inspiring jumble of thoughts and visions. I'm not sure this is the entire poem (I haven't bought the book yet; it'll be available for online order soon) but here's what I read:

my God, half the time
it's yourself you're talking to -
need ways to leave that behind,
become God knows what
so long as you cut deeper
pay attention
transform yourself to that narrowing
that vanishing point
-Bruce Holsapple, poem from Vanishing Act (2011), Magdalena, NM 

What amazing poetry, from a (relative) neighbor no less who is also my son's former speech therapist. I forget, especially in the winter when I (and many others) hibernate, that I live in a community brimming with artists. People who create are often solitary, but when they put their creations out in the world it feels like a divine gift -- a gift not just of something beautiful to soften the dark edges of the world but also of inspiration that helps all of us keep creating, for whatever reason. This poem seems to have so many layers, and the term "vanishing point" suggests to me not just a physical vanishing point but also a vanishing of the ego, of that too-present part of ourselves that critiques and dams up and dissolves creative energy.

So tell me, fellow creatives, what helps you get to that "vanishing point"? I know I get there when I'm hiking... Until Saturday I hadn't hit the trail in 3 months because I've been waiting for Lucy's leg to heal up... That one is healing, but as I'd feared the other rear leg is messed up, too, and I just want to cry because I can't bear hiking without her. She helps me lose myself, ditch my ego and just experience the moment, and I also feel safe with her because I know she would take down a bear or cougar or mugger to protect me. Anyhoo, Dad went ahead and told the vet to operate on that leg, too, which means another 8-week recovery that, fingers crossed, will then transition to slow but steady reconditioning and healing for her. In the meantime, I NEED to go hiking again, to leave the world and my nattering ego behind, to simply vanish... for a while at least.

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