14 September 2010

Pie Town Festival, Part 3: A Whole Lotta Eatin' Goin' On

Whoever won, the kids' pie-eating contest was fun for everyone, especially the contestants

 Of course the main focus of last Saturday's Pie Town Festival was pie, and the pie-eating contest is for a special kind of person who REALLY loves pie. I thought about entering myself but then remembered (with some relief) my gluten intolerance, so I was more than happy to stand by and photograph the event. The kids went first and were treated to chocolate cream pie, which the winner scarfed down in just a few minutes. The adults had a more challenging apple crumb pie that took the winner close to five minutes to devour; the contest in the photo below on the right stated it had "too much pectin" but still gave it a thumbs up. Some contestants were having so much fun that they had to stop eating to indulge in fits of laughter, and almost everyone mugged a few times for the many cameras along the sidelines.

Much to my surprise, neither of my kids wanted to do the kids' pie-eating contest (Laz said he would have done it if it had been an apple pie), but they had their own impromptu hot-dog eating contest, scarfing their lunch both because they were hungry and because Grampa showed up at our table with, yes, apple pie. They then promptly ran off to the playground to burn off some energy with the other kids, missing the festivities but having so much fun that they slept almost all the way home in the car.

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